There is currently great diversity of opinion and even quality of information relating to the current outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that is having global impact. Our faith is in God and His provision and protection for us. We are not to live in fear, but through prayer we can find God’s peace in any and all circumstances.

It is not our goal to create fear or hype around this situation, but rather, we want to be wise and prepared. TBA Church Leadership is carefully monitoring this situation, following any and all specific direction from the CDC and local government, as well as prayerfully determining what steps are best specifically for our church family and community.

As of this moment, all corporate gatherings of TBA are happening as previously scheduled. We will choose to err on the side of caution rather than having to react to crises if at all possible and will keep you informed of any and all changes related to ministry events both at our main campus and in the community.

The following outlines some good practices for all of us to put in place during this time as well as our contingency plan that we will put into place when deemed necessary to protect our church family and community from COVID-19.

We are a loving community. During this time of uncertainty relating to our health, please consider the following suggestions for how we can best love one another:

Avoid hugging or handshakes to prevent the possible spread of any illness
If you feel you are at risk for any reason, play it safe and join us online.
If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (fever, coughing, sneezing, etc.), love your church family by joining us online.
If you have been traveling abroad in the past 2-3 weeks, love your church family by joining us online.
There are hand sanitizers located at every entrance and other strategic locations throughout the facility… USE THEM.
Think of any of our senior adults who may need extra assistance and be willing to serve them (using appropriate precautions for their protection).

In the event that we choose to suspend our public gatherings in order to protect our church family, remember that we are still family and we can still worship together.

We will notify you of any changes to our scheduled gatherings as early as possible via the website (, Instagram, Facebook, text and email.
Please use this as an opportunity to be sure your contact information is up to date in our system by texting “me” to TBA Connect (863-225-8565) and following the link to update your personal data.

Continue to attend our worship gatherings from the comfort of your home
Each week, our worship is streamed through the TBA Facebook page ( and is now available on YouTube and our website (

Continue to worship by giving online
Scroll down on our homepage to click GIVE (
Text “give” to TBA Connect (863-225-8565) and follow the link that is texted back to you.
Send your tithes & offerings through online bill pay with your bank or simply mail a check to the church.

As an extra precautionary measure, we have determined in advance to postpone our annual Easter Egg Hunt for our children. Again, we are not to live in fear, but with the wisdom God has granted us. We see no reason to pose any risk to our children and families through an event that has great potential to spread germs unintentionally.

As we walk this unfamiliar journey together as a church family, commit to keeping your eyes on Jesus and walking by faith. Allow Holy Spirit to guide your actions and choose to be obedient to any way God may invite you to serve someone in need. Love others well and rest in God’s protection and provision for His children. Consider taking time as a family to read Psalm 91 together. While we are not immune to sickness, we can rest in God’s promise to protect and provide for us no matter what we may be walking through here on earth.

If you have further questions, please email