Next Steps

What is Your Next Step?

Step 1

Join a team

We Work in team at TBA. From our Pastors to our greeters everyone works together to build the body. Which team would fit you best?





Kids Club

Soteria Youth

Focus Groups

Discipleship Groups

Women’s / Men’s Groups


Step 2

Join a Group

• 1 Corinthians 12:14•
“For the body is not one member, but many.”

Going through life alone is nearly impossible.

 Groups at TBA pair you with the right people to grow and do life with 

Step 3

 Become a Kingdom Painter

The Next Step beyond living life together is to get plugged in to a Kingdom Painter ministry, These specialized ministries are  the core of TBA’s internal mission 

Highland City HUB

Prayer Team

Events Team

Stage Design Team

Honduras Team

Celebrate Recovery

Hope Seekers

Make it Happen Riders



Step 4

Live Sent 

Living Sent is what we do when we truly begin to live in relationship with Christ. It becomes evident that when we encounter God there is no part of life that is separate from Him and from the good news of Jesus Christ. 

“Livesent Ministries” are lead by the people of TBA, but are born from personal passions and calls from God, not the corporate organization of the Church.   

Service Times


English Service: 10 am

TBA En Espanol 10:30 am


Soteria Youth - 6:30 - 8 pm


Celebrate Recovery - 7 pm

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